What Are Uninsured CD Certificate of Deposit

In US, CD Certificate of Deposit is usually insured from either the FDIC or/and National Credit Union Administration or NCUA. This insurance is necessary for protecting the holder’s right and from preventing economical risks from causing any financial loss to holder. Uninsured CDs can project detrimental impacts of the risks of economy to the purchaser, […]

Why Certificate Deposit Rates Have Been Running Low Now

Certificate of deposit rates are fixed from the banks or the institutions with whom the investor makes term arrangements. Against investment, they receive paper certificate or pass book, where agreement detail is discussed, together with maturity, penalty charges and others. The interest is transferred to the investor’s savings account periodically or the check is directly […]

Safer Investment – IRA Certificate of Deposit

Under current recessive conditions of market, it is getting harder for the investors to put money into stocks, where they are losing capital almost regularly for various reasons. The next and possibly the best and safer option is certificate of deposit. Retiree who holds certificate of deposit through their IRA account is owner of IRA […]