What is a Negotiable Certificate of Deposit?

Certificate of deposit is very similar to savings account. However, there is a difference between the two. The amount in deposit with the bank, financial institute or the Credit Union and is locked. The purchaser of CD does not have access to his/her cash during the entire tenure till its maturity. Another important difference and […]

Certificate of Deposits Investments From Other Countries

CD Certificates of Deposit are available for short or long periods of time from a financial institute. Either there is a fixed rate over the amount deposited or variable rates of interest based on market indices. Rates are also dependent on length of time for which it is deposited and over the amount deposited.  If […]

Wachovia Certificate of Deposit

Wachovia is part of the Wells Fargo, which is a world renowned financial intuition offering savings account, checking account, home equity, student loans, personal and auto loans. Combined with different products from Wachovia, there is also online banking services, which cater 24/7 to varied needs of clients sitting at different places around the globe. What’s […]

Bank of America Certificate of Deposit

CD Certificate of deposit is an agreement between investor and a financial institution to lock the money for a fixed length of time.  Investor receives an interest on amount locked. This interest is higher than savings account deposit and this investment type is completely safe. This is the reason lot of businesses and investors try […]

Ally.com Certificate of Deposit

Ally.com offers market accounts, savings and high yield CD or certificate of deposit of different kinds online. There is 24/7 online support for customers to manage their account. Privacy policy and also transfer of funds into accounts are safer and stricter too. For a company which was opened in 1919 with branches inDetroit,Toronto,San Francisco,Chicago andNew […]

eLoan.com Certificate of Deposit

E-Loan is headquartered at Rosemont, Illinois. Earlier it was at Pleasanton, Californiafrom where it was shifted across to Illinois. It is a financial service company. It offers CD certificates of deposit, home equity, and also savings account options. In fact, eLoan.com also assists its partners to find good rate of interest loans. Initially, e-Loan acted […]

Comparing Fixed vs Variable Rate Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of deposit is an agreement between the investor and the financial institute, where both agrees on certain rate of deposit to keep the amount locked up for a length of time. Certificates of deposit are available from bank, credit union, financial institute and such others. The investor has no access to the money they […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in CDs

CD Certificate of deposit is offered from bank, credit union and many financial institutes. An amount is kept fixed over a period of time against which some interest is given to depositor. Such investments are either short term (few weeks or few months) or long term (1 year, 5 years, 10 years or longer). The […]